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The teachings of COR Karate emphasize psychological and physical development and provide young male adolescents with a process for experiencing personal growth through self-discipline. The goal of the training is to decrease aggressive and violent behavior. Students learn controlled breathing, physical and mental concentration, tolerance, and respecting others. These practices result in immediate positive changes in attitude resulting in a decrease of aggressive and self-destructive behavior.


The long term effect of practice is realized as students become self-motivated to sustain positive and non-aggressive attitude and behaviors. In addition, students benefit from the physical health enhancements including musculoskeletal strength, cardio-pulmonary endurance, fine/gross motor development, visual motor coordination, flexibility, balance and power.

COR Karate is facilitated under a strict culture of discipline that ensures students safety, staff safety, and respect for peers and staff.

Supportive Environment

We quickly turn any group of new students into a collective and genuine source of peer motivation.  Students benefit from each individual’s and collective’s display of willpower, strength and accomplishment. The sensi serves as a coach, a mentor, a role model and a parent-like figure instilling positive values and communicating expectations.

Movement based learning

Techniques involve following visual and auditory commands, learning and memorizing patterns of movement, group practice, identifying appropriate physical responses to minimize harm and paying selective attention without distraction. Students are provided an alternative way to develop the brain’s capacity to learn, store and retrieve a set of information. 

Ethical framework

The philosophical teachings encourage students to work towards the following goals. 1.) Respecting themselves and the privacy and security of others 2.) Committing to willing and compliant behavior towards parents, teachers, adults and authority figures  3.) To remain in the search of truth, have an open mind, be humble and appreciate of the gifts of others 4.) To always find ways to assist others 5.) A commitment to self-care and maintaining a neat, orderly environment at all times.

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