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What We Do

We have the power to change the world around us. We are using that power to promote activities that improve psychological and physical health. We have created a direct pathway to educate young people about anatomy, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and history, and we provide students with mentorship, life skills guidance, peer support, structure, and employment. We improve access to healthy activities, we set the example for health leadership and we inspire young people to do the same.

Our Goals


  • Shape the way environments influence healthy behavior in adolescents.

  • Provide preventative health activities to reduce the risk of developing obesity, preventable diseases, and injury.

  • Offer therapeutic intervention using traditional martial arts to improve psychological and physical well-being. 

  • Offer developmentally appropriate programming for children in grades K-12 

  • Serve communities with existing health inequities 

  • Promote healthy behavior

COR Health Institute was created to serve young people and help them stay healthy, mentally and physically. Our purpose is prevention. Our method is holistic fitness and martial arts training. We operate in residential communities and we target challenged neighborhoods often challenged with the effects of common health disparities. Our solution to addressing the health disparities; teach young people how to prevent them. We impact communities with a variety of health programs and services including on/off-site youth fitness programs, bootcamps, therapeutic martial arts programs, lectures, and community health workshops. We have worked with schools, universities, the juvenile justice system, community organizations, businesses, and elected officials to advocate for healthy living and provide alternative community health programs.