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Our first day of programming was February 25, 2002. This was the beginning of Brother 2 Brother, our first mentoring program. Since then, we have been able to consistently operate community based programs that serve children. In 2007, we created the COR Fitness program targeting teenage youth; in 2010 we started COR for kids, targeting elementary age children; in 2012 we opened the COR Fitness center located in Southwest Baltimore and began running our afterschool program. In 2013 we created the 300 Men March Movement, in 2015 we launched the 300 Youth COR, and in 2016 we began constructing our current headquarters in East Baltimore. In 2017 we began the COR Karate program in collaboration with the Collington Club Afterschool program.

What We Have Accomplished

500 Young lives positively influenced 

Throughout our 18 years of existence, we have served over 200 children directly in our independently facilitated programs. The average amount of time a child was enrolled in our program was 2 years. We have impacted over 300 children  through various programs operated in collaboration with other community partners.

Our Mission

We created  a national movement focused on gun violence 

In 2013 we responded to the rising occurrence of homicides in Baltimore City. Our response was the launching of the 300 Men March Movement which helped to bring national awareness to the issue of gun violence in the streets of Baltimore and similar cities throughout America. The activities of the movement were featured in news media networks including MSNBC, Al-Jezeerah, CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, and many more. In 2015, we led a historic march from Baltimore to Washington DC.

We transformed a vacant block of houses into a community facility.  

We own, debt free, the facility currently used as our headquarters. In 2016 we launched our largest ever a capital project. The conversion of 4 vacant houses into a 3 level fitness/martial arts and administrative facility. The project took over 2 years to complete, and we raised $400,000 in private contributions to finance the construction. Despite not having the full budget required for a 6500sq/ft build-out, we were able to successfully complete 90% of the renovation work.

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