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The Clean Streets Youth Employment Program is our latest initiative to address several areas of community development including environmental health, youth employment and civic engagement. We believe in the philosophy that change comes from within. Therefore we engage young students to partake in cleaning up their own community. We provide the logistical oversight, the tools and a small stipend to any young person ages 10 and up that wants to work each weekend. We are providing a tangible incentive for young people to work and participate in cleaning their own community. The private donations that we receive from the general public enable us to provide this incentive.


Clean Streets Program Goals

Provide youth an introductory experience to a structured work environment


Provide a means for youth to earn money engaging in meaningful work


Improve the environmental conditions of our neighborhood


Empower youth to serve as peer role models to other youth in the neighborhood


Make a positive impact on the cultural norms of the neighborhood regarding waste management

An pathway for empowering youth, improving the environment and encouraging positive cultural norms.


Work sites

West Arlington Community

Saturdays 10am - 1pm

East Biddle Street Community

Saturdays 8am - 10:30am

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