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The Youth COR is a martial arts leadership program designed to train adolescent males ages 15 to 19 who live in neighborhoods that experience high rates of crime and violence. The program consists of a ten stage leadership curriculum, a philosophical martial arts program and an outdoor education component that support the following six purposes: to teach self-discipline; to provide a structured environment; to improve physical and psychological health; to prepare for leadership roles; to offer a positive peer-network; and to minimize the risk for youth-violence.

The Youth COR program teaches young people to be active participants in solving their own problems while remaining calm, rational and respectful to others, especially authority.

Youth COR Program Goals

The goal of the Youth COR program is to train youth participants to regulate and control their thoughts, speech and behavior.

The goal of the Youth COR program is to teach youth participants to function in an environment that is governed by rules, schedules, procedures.

The goal of the Youth COR program is to influence youth participants to make improvements in their physical and psychological health.

The goal of the Youth COR program is to equip youth participants with the tools to take on leadership roles in the community.

The goal of the Youth COR program is to encourage youth participants to develop positive and meaningful relationships.

The goal of the Youth COR program is to deter youth participants from engaging in criminal or self-destructive behavior.

The Youth COR program features three components. 

COR Leadership Concepts

The COR Leadership Concepts (CLC) is a leadership training curriculum that empowers young people.


The curriculum explores 10 leadership principles that are commonly taught in leaderships circles on all levels around the world. As a whole, the 10 leadership concepts address personal accountability, goal setting, emotional intelligence, personal sacrifice, task management, problem solving, collective responsibility, work ethic, relationship management, and willpower.

Physical Training

Karate training provides immediate physiological benefits including improving the body’s ability to maintain healthy blood pressure, improving cardiovascular functioning and endurance, building muscular and skeletal strength, improving gross and fine motor skills, and decreasing the risk for developing obesity or other preventable diseases. Group training encourages teamwork, group accountability, collective motivation, leadership development, and fosters a healthy competitive spirit. 

Outdoor Exploration

This component of the program uses the outdoor wilderness environment to provide opportunities for participants to develop personal strengths and intrinsic motivation. This provides our participants an opportunity to learn and grow in an unfamiliar environment and temporarily leave behind the stress of their home/community environment.

Enrollment for Youth COR Class 3 begins TBA

To find out more information, please attend our Open House

Youth COR Class 3 Entry Process

Physical Performance Testing  

Basic Training [ 10 weeks ]   

Phase 1 - COR Leadership Training | 32 weeks

Phase 2 - Workforce Development Training | 46 weeks

Phase 3 - Organizational Leadership Training | 46 weeks

Program Weekly Schedule

Mondays - 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Thursdays - 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturdays - 9am - 1pm

Youth COR basic eligibility requirements are:

  • Participants must be 15 to 19 years of age at the time of enrollment.

  • Participants must live in Baltimore city or Baltimore County

  • Participants must be physically able to engage in strenuous physical exercises

  • Participants must not suffer from illnesses or injuries that prevent participation in strenuous physical exercise

  • Participants must be self-motivated and willing to participate in the Youth COR program

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