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To help youth develop the capacity, confidence, and courage to positively impact the communities around us.



Cultivating self discipline

Teaching the ancient ways of movement, philosophy, focus, patience, and character. Learning alternative ways of channeling emotions. Developing a respect for life and the life of others.


Keeping the body healthy

Intergrated strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, and endurance training that also develops fine and gross motor skills. Nutrition education defines the nutrients needed for optimal health and performance.


Acheiving mindfulness

Relaxed guided meditation presenting an opportunity for introspection. Acheiving mental clarity and calm through breathing techniques and deepening the awareness of self.


Actively involved in the change

This is the perfect opportunity to change the world, starting with self. We are committed to service, organized to leverage our talents, and responsible for the development of our surrounding community.



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Who We Are?

Good question!

Lawyers, accountants, teachers, software engineers, college advisors, public servants, and many other professional titles. But at the "COR" we are just human beings. We have accepted the responsibility to unselfishly engage and develop the communities around us. We come from different backgrounds, we have different religions, and the color of our skin varies. But at the "COR" we believe that inner peace is primary and necessary for all.


COR is established under our nonprofit corporation KEYS Development Inc. We are a 501c3 recognized organization.


Our youth are our future. And right now we have the power to shape the future. We expect our future to be healthy, safe, productive, and focused. That's why we provide program activites such as martial arts, fitness training, physical education, outdoor activities, tutoring, and service learning projects. We have spent the last 12 years learning while serving. As our capacity increases, we are able to expand our reach. Together we can and will meet the needs of our youth.

Meet The Team

Isaiah Addison

The Strongest Kid

Austin Ramano

Executive Director of the Fun Stuff

Munir Bahar

Executive Director of the Boring Stuff

Jahi Faw

The Guy Who Keeps Us Healthy


Self Awareness

Cultivating a deeper sense of life through studying the internal make up of human beings. The innner mind and body.

Self Discipline

Adjusting the thought process and behaviors patterns to only exude qualities of good health and character.

Physical Health

Developing healthy lifestyle habits through fitness training and proper nutritional choices.


Increasing personal capacity by developing strength, will power, and learning new ways of self expression.

Self Esteem

Building the respect and confidence of oneself as a result of increased abilities.

Social Consciousness

Developing a perspective based on the collective wellbeing of others in the community.

Cultural Awareness

Exploring the various cultural influences for health and martial arts training.


Leading by example and encouraging others to engage in positive and healthy behaviors.


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  • You believe the world must change. You have realized that YOU must be instrumental in delivering this change. You are passionate. You are ready to take the next step. You are ready for COR.
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