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The William L. Adams Entrepreneurial Institute (WAEI) is an urban educational center that is being established to render business education and create economic development through entrepreneurship to youth and young adults ages 15-25. Our goal is to help young people develop their entrepreneurial concepts that produce sustainable income. This community-based entrepreneurial institute offers young people a training platform to discover, learn, and explore knowledge essential to their development and forward economic mobility.

We are promoting and teaching economic development within urban communities. The philosophical concept of the WAEI is to inspire young people to use their aptitude and creativity to improve the realities of their circumstances. We are making breakthroughs by creating opportunities through economic development that may not be afforded otherwise, while creating jobs in the community. This work is important to the overall health of our city and we need your help.



We are currently seeking donations to support the development of the WAEI. We started investing into this project in 2018. Our total project budget is estimated at $380,000 which includes $340,00 for the construction process, $20,000 for furniture, equipment, and supplies and $20,000 for operational support after we open.


As of May 25, 2021 we have successfully raised $130,000.

We are seeking financial support for the additional work required to complete the project. For more information about the William L. Adams Entrepreneurial Institute fundraising effort, please download our fundraising presentation.  

Our mission is the transformation of vacant properties into community institutions that teach young people how to build up their character

and their neighborhoods. 

Our Mission
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