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Munir Bahar is the visionary leader behind the success of COR. For 16 years, Bahar has consistently provided Baltimore City a source of hope and inspiration through several self-created programs and movements that have become globally recognized. Bahar created two of Baltimore's most notable grassroots movements: Raise It Up and the 300 Men March Movement. Currently, Bahar operates COR Health Institute, a prevention based health organization that uses martial arts training as a vehicle for increasing the physical and psychological health of at-risk children.

Bahar has many talents and professional accomplishments that credit his drive and relentless commitment to community development. Bahar is a tax accountant, martial arts and self defense instructor, public safety expert, nonprofit consultant, general contractor, leadership coach, inspirational speaker, community leader, and commercial real estate development teacher. 

Bahar's publicly validated performance in each one of his professional fields is an attestation to his teachings of personal mastery. Bahar is 37 years old, lives with his wife and daughters, and has pledged his personal and professional energy to reducing violence in his hometown of Baltimore.