1201 N Collington Ave
Baltimore, MD 21213

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The driving force
of construction


In 2016, we undertook the most intensive amount of community transformation work we have ever engaged in. The construction of a new martial arts/fitness community facility using 4 abandoned row-homes in East Baltimore. With little resources, we knew that the promise of completion would only be guaranteed by our commitment to learning the trades, applying that knowledge and committing the time to performing the work. COR Construction was our answer. We formed our own construction company to act as the general contractor to accomplish this mission. COR Construction LLC is a licensed and insured general contracting company based in Baltimore, created by Munir Bahar.

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What We've Done

The role of COR Construction is this. With our own general contracting company navigating and managing the construction process, we are able to significantly reduce the costs associated with commercial construction. Our facility at 1201 N Collington was built for less than $45 per sq/ft; more than half the costs of a commercial construction project. We are using COR Construction to build all of our construction projects. We hire youth, veterans, ex-felons, 

homeless individuals and others who may need a second chance or a transitioning step up. COR Construction has become a symbol in Baltimore for self-reliance, dedication and workforce development. Currently we are working on raising the resources needed to began the construction on our second set of vacant houses; 1115 and 1117 N Collington. Here we are building a construction training center – the COR Construction Institute.

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Our second community transformation project is underway in the 1100 block of Collington Ave.