1201 N Collington Ave
Baltimore, MD 21213

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What We're Doing

A very important factor of influence that shapes lifestyles is environment. We have embraced the responsibility of improving the physical environment that our young people live in, specifically in underserved, distressed neighborhoods. In 2016, we began the process of transforming vacant dilapidated houses into commercial spaces that would serve as headquarters for our organization. In 2018, we officially completed that process; the conversion of 4 vacant homes into a 7,000 sq. ft. facility. Currently, we are working on a second “block” project. We purchased 3 additional vacant homes and have plans to convert them into a construction and technology training center serving the surrounding neighborhood. 


We clearly see the underlining impact that distressed neighborhoods have on physical, social and emotional health. Our development work is now centered around recycling the vacant houses and putting them to use for the benefit of the community. Our short and long term strategy involves developing the technical and financial capacity to do so. We work with city building officials to identify prime opportunities in underserved markets and to understand zoning and code requirements for a successful construction process. We have also developed relationships with a range of professionals inside of the construction industry including builders, engineers, material suppliers, and manufacturers. 



The above images show the COR Health Institute center before and after it was renovated. It started as four vacant homes and is now a space for community involvement.